WRB Wolf Pack

 Wolf Pack: year 3

-The 2019 year is now full, please look for details on joining in year for in May 2020-

It's time to open up membership to our loyalty club for its third year! We had an amazing second year of the Wolf Pack and are excited to have 35 spots available for new members to join at our Taproom sign up party on Monday, May 20th (6pm, first come first serve).  Membership includes everything from daily discounts and custom merch, to private quarterly parties that offer complimentary dinner and access to exclusive bottles. A private Facebook group page/email chain will keep members up to date on all things Wolf Pack, including availability for specialty bottles and drafts, and private party details. All members will also receive a small Wolf Pack membership card to identify them to WRB staff when visiting!  Every year we bottle an exclusive welcome beer for the Wolf Pack, and this year that will be a 22oz bomber of Wild Turkey Bourbon Barrel Aged Dire Wolf ($18)! Any questions guests may have about joining the Wolf Pack can be sent to jenny@wolfsridgebrewing.com.  With the annual payment of $165 upon entry, all the members of Wolf Pack will receive the following perks within the membership year:


Sign-up day May 20th!

The 35 spots we have available for new members will be open for claiming at our Taproom sign up party on Monday, May 20th. Doors open at 6pm, and we’ll be signing up new members first come, first serve in accordance to the line formed outside. After completing the sign up process, we’ll be treating the 35 new members to a complementary draft beer! We will also have a specialty, Wolf Pack only bottle available for members to purchase that day if desired: Wild Turkey Bourbon Barrel Aged Dire Wolf ($18)!

Custom logo Merchandise

The Wolf Pack will receive exclusive logo shirts and a hand engraved bourbon barrel bottle opener, available to be picked up starting at the first members-only party (August). We will also extend a 10% discount to the Wolf Pack for all WRB merchandise. 

Special Bottle access

As often as we can, we will spontaneously surprise Wolf Pack members with exclusive access to bottled beers that aren't available to the general public.  This won't necessarily coincide with large bottle releases, but will rather be announced at random times throughout the year as often as we are able to surprise members with a new or rare bottle! At the very minimum, members will have access to rare bottles at each of the 4 private parties we will host for the Wolf Pack. See the "Quarterly Party" section for more details. 



When visiting anytime Tuesday-Saturday, members will get $1 off every draft (including flights) in the tap room. Please note that WRB is always closed on Mondays.  *This discount is not on top of happy hour pricing*.

Sunday Funday

Every Sunday, members get $2 off all taproom drafts and flights during our operating hours. *This is not on top of happy hour pricing*.

growler discounts and special access

Members will receive 25% off 64 oz/32 oz growler fills.  While we don’t allow growler fills of special infusions to the general public, special infusions will be eligible for Wolf Pack members to carry-out in 32oz and 64oz fills (still at 25% off). Growler eligibility will not include barrel aged drafts unless otherwise indicated.

Barrel aged beers

Our standard pour size of limited barrel aged beers is 5 oz. Members will be able to purchase full, 10 oz pours of all barrel aged brews in the tap room during releases or whenever on draft (same draft discount will apply as normal). 

barrel aged premium flights

The cost of a premium flight of beers (3 or more barrel aged variants included) is $15 for 3 5 oz pours and $20 for 5 5 oz pours.  Members will receive these premium barrel aged flights for $5 off general public pricing. 

Wolf Pack Bottle Reserve

Members may request full allotments of two bottled brands from release parties during the 2019-2020 Year. Explained: for two beers during Year 3, members can pre-pay to reserve a full allotment of their selected specialty bottles. This provides access to limited release bottles for two different beers if you can’t attend the release party or come early to stand in line. You can request your allotments for two beers at a single release, or choose to separate it during the year. The choice is yours! Click below to learn more about bottle reserve specifics.


Quarterly parties

During the 2019-2020 membership year, the WRB tap room will host 4 loyalty club-only parties.  This private party will include complimentary hors d’oeuvres and a special draft list featuring both fan-favorite and brand new infusions from our head brewer Chris Davison.  Chris will also be attending the party to drink with members and answer questions about his brews.  As always, every draft will be $1 off. To accommodate the size of the club (150 max), and offer flexibility for our members, we will have TWO optional dates for each of the quarterly parties.  Members will be able to select which date to attend by signing up in advance.  Follow the box below to find out more about quarterly members parties, including the dates! 

Raffle for early bird bottle release tickets

Throughout the year, WRB hosts large bottle releases where we offer special early access tickets for the tap room to a select number of guests. This raffle party includes perks like a first chance at limited bottles, complimentary breakfast, and a flight of 5 from our special draft list. For each early bird party, we will randomly draw five loyalty club members' names to receive 1 complimentary early bird ticket each.