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Bottle Reserve Perks

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Wolf Pack Bottle Reserve Perks - GEneral

Members may request full allotments of two bottled brands from release parties during the 2019-2020 Year. Explained: for two beers during Year 3, members can pre-pay to reserve a full allotment of their selected specialty bottles. This provides access to limited release bottles for two different beers if you can’t attend the release party or come early to stand in line. You can request your allotments for two beers at a single release, or choose to separate it during the year. The choice is yours! Learn more about the specific rules surrounding the bottle reserve perk.

Wolf Pack Bottle Reserve Perks - In detail

Example: Let’s say we’re releasing Bourbon Barrel Aged Magellan Imperial Maple Stout at our 6 year anniversary party, which has an  allotment of 3 bottles per person. If you can’t attend/get in line early, you can request to have as many as 3 bottles of that beer set aside and reserved.  You can do this for TWO different specialty release beers total throughout the year.


  • Bottles must be paid for in advance.

  • Members have to make the request a minimum of one week before the scheduled release.

  • Members must pick reserved bottles up within 30 days (proxy allowed, coordinate with WRB staff for pick up logistics).


Quarterly Parties

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4 parties

WRB will host 4 parties in the 2019-2020 membership year in the Hickory Room (our dedicated events space adjacent to the Dining Room).

  • Members-only access

  • Complimentary dinner hors d’oeuvres and buffets.

  • 20-beer draft list with new brews, infusions and specialty barrel-aged offerings.

  • Exclusive bottles available for purchase.

two optional Dates

Due to the capacity of our events space and the size of the Wolf Pack, we will offer 2 optional dates for each of the 4 parties. Members will be requested to RSVP for 1 party 2 weeks in advance! The 2 optional dates for the first members party are:

  • Saturday, August 3rd, 5pm - 8 pm

  • Friday, August 9th, 6pm - 9pm