The Mangrove

Welcome to The Mangrove. Home of positively Buoyant sours.


At Wolf’s Ridge Brewing,

The Mangrove is a place that is not defined by it’s location, but by its occupants. In 2017 we installed a horizontal bright tank in a small area of our brewery near our sour barrels. Upon arrival, our brewers remarked that the tank looked like a “manatee.” We quickly came to affectionately call the tank “Manatee 1.” This is in the hopes of one day adding additional Manatee tanks to our brewery. Manatee 1’s purpose was to serve as a blending vessel for our barrel aged sour projects.

Over time we added more and more barrels surrounding Manatee 1. In nature, manatees live and feed near mangrove trees. Thus, over time we began to refer to the sour section of the brewery as The Mangrove. Once the name stuck, we had Head Brewer Chris Davison’s wife Jenny paint the iconic Manatee logo on our cooler door.

Recently we have added a manatee icon to our sour beer labels to denote that those beers were fermented, blended, and packaged in The Mangrove at Wolf’s Ridge Brewing!

Current Offerings from The Mangrove:

  • Aggregate Swarm - Barrel Aged Brett Honey Saison (750 ml/14.99)

  • Black Mangrove - Barrel Aged Dark Sour (750 ml/12.99)

  • Red Legacy - Flander’s Style Red Ale (750 ml/20)

  • Swimming in the Mangrove - Sour Red Ale Aged in Red Wine Puncheons (750ml/14.99)

  • Strawberry Swimming in the Mangrove - Sour Red Ale Aged in Red Wine Puncheons and fermented on Strawberries (750ml/$16.99)

  • Terre du Sauvage Blue - Barrel Aged Farmhouse Sour with Pink Grapefruit, Meyer Lemon and Tangelo (750ml/$12.99)

  • Terre du Sauvage Red - Barred Aged Farmhouse Sour with Rye (750ml/12.99)

  • Terre du Sauvage Green - Dry-hopped Farmhouse Sour (750ml/12.99)