Wolf's Ridge at GABF

It's officially September and that means fun things as a brewer. We're receiving wet hops from Yakima Valley, Washington this week to brew the inaugural batch of Cone & Bine - our wet-hopped extra pale ale. In another week or two we'll be roasting pumpkins for Pi, our Imperial Pumpkin Ale. But perhaps most exciting of all is our participation at the Great American Beer Festival (GABF) on September 24-26.

GABF is the largest beer festival and competition in the country, occurring annually in Denver, Colorado. Breweries from all over the country compete and many will travel to Denver to pour their beer and enjoy the greatness of the modern craft brewing community. Wolf's Ridge will be in attendance pouring the following beers at the Brewpub Pavilion:

  • Gold Standard
  • Buchenrauch
  • Earthrise
  • Dire Wolf

We'll also be pouring some Dire Wolf Canis Mexicanus on Saturday. That can be found at the Ohio Craft Brewers Association booth alongside the other state brewing guilds.

However we're most excited to be participating at the Brewers Studio Pavilion which has various seminars and tasting events planned during the festival. Our presentation is titled Coffee and Beer: Treating Beans Like Hops to Tailor Flavor. We're very excited that Dave Forman of One Line Coffee will be joining us in Denver for the presentation!

If you're lucky enough to have tickets for the festival, please come by Saturday from 1:00-1:30 to see us discuss the use of non-dark roast coffees in beer. We've paired three unique coffees with Clear Sky, our Cream Ale. Not only will the clear golden color surprise many given the infusion of coffee, we hope the most surprising thing is the individuality of all three coffees. We're pairing each coffee infused beer with the coffee itself from One Line's Kyoto towers. We then plan to finish off the presentation with a special batch of Dire Wolf One Line, using Costa Rica Alma Negra beans which can currently be found at One Line Coffee in the short north.

The goal of any GABF is to come home with awards, but we look more forward to the education (both learning and teaching) and the camaraderie we'll find in Denver. I'm sure there'll be updates and pictures to share in a couple weeks, so stay tuned to our social media if you're not able to attend the festival yourself.

Chris DavisonComment