Dire Wolf Coco Joy Bottle Release and other Brewery Happenings

It's good to finally be planning the next bottle release at Wolf's Ridge Brewing. The first went very well and we received lots of positive feedback so in large part #2 will run very similarly to the first one. I'll soon get into the details that we currently have, but first I'd like to briefly discuss some of the other events coming soon involving WRB.

North Market Spices Collaboration Beer Dinner - 9/3

The brewery and kitchen have collaborated with Ben Walters of North Market Spices, LTD to produce a fun and exciting menu. We've used some of the unique spices available at Ben's shop to infuse both the beer and the food to create the ultimate in beer and food pairings. Follow the link to see the full menu and purchase tickets, but I do want to let people know to expect a one-time-only Dire Wolf infusion just for the pairing - infused with fresh figs and smoked peppercorns! Get your tickets now, they're pre-sale only and space is limited!

North Market Ohio Craft Brew Fest - 9/11 & 9/12

This annual festival is likely the last outdoor beer fest of the year and is typically one of the most enjoyable. Only open to Ohio breweries, this event is a great way to interact with local brewers and enjoy lots of local fare. I've found that breweries often go out of their way to bring special beers to this event above many others. Currently Wolf's Ridge plans to bring the following over the course of the two-day event:

  • Driftwood Session IPA
  • Driftwood Citrus Surf (infused with fresh grapefruit)
  • Gold Standard Helles Lager
  • Ploughshare Saison
  • Buchenrauch Smoked Lager
  • Earthrise IPA
  • Howling Moon DIPA
  • CASK Clear Sky Daybreak
  • CASK Dire Wolf Coco Joy
  • CASK Dire Wolf Canis Mexicanus

We're really looking forward to this event and excited to showcase some of our favorite beers! Come say hi and support the Ohio beer scene.

Dire Wolf Bottle Release - 9/13

For our second bottle release we'll be selling two beers, including our first bottled beer that isn't a stout!

Dire Wolf Coco Joy - We infuse our award winning Imperial Stout with toasted coconut and cocoa nibs. The coconut plays well off of the creamy texture of the beer and the cocoa nibs add just enough perceived sweetness and chocolate aroma to turn this stout into a solid dessert beer. $10/bottle

Clear Sky Daybreak - Our American Cream Ale is brewed traditionally with corn to create a beer light in body but full of flavor and texture. Golden in color, the Daybreak version will confuse the senses with the bold aroma and flavor freshly brewed black coffee and vanilla bean. $7/bottle

Bottle limits and bottle counts will be officially stated on our Facebook event page as we get closer. Expect roughly 25 cases of Coco Joy and 50 of the Daybreak. We're releasing fewer beers this time around to hopefully get more bottles of each beer into the hands of the attendees than last time.

Logistically, expect the following:

  • Line starts at the taproom door and goes along the building up Hickory Street.
  • Doors open at 10:00AM
  • As you enter, please claim a number. This number reserves your spot in line for the bottle sale. Please keep this number all day in case there is a second sale. The second sale will proceed in numerical order just as the first sale will. If you arrive after 10:00 please see a WRB employee to inquire about getting a number.
  • Snacks, coffee, etc will be available. Brunch will be served in the restaurant if you want hot food. Please be sure you are present in the taproom when your number is called if you go into the restaurant to eat food. We will not wait.
  • Please form a line to the bar to place orders for beer. This worked very efficiently last time. Please bear with our taproom staff as filling many beer flights can take some time.
  • The bottle sale will begin around 11:00AM. Last time there was confusion on this, please be aware that no bottles will be sold before this time. We ask this so that everyone can get in the door, out of the weather and have beer in hand to enjoy themselves while they wait. If you cannot wait until your number is called please do not take one and just enjoy the amazing draft list!
  • Numbers will be called in rounds of 10 at a time to keep the actual line small and manageable.
  • We will have live music start as the bottle sale winds down. You're welcome to hang out all afternoon. Be aware that if you want brunch the restaurant kitchen closes as 3:00PM to begin preparing for dinner service. Dinner begins at 5:00.
  • Our draft list will be posted on our Facebook event page as we near the release, but expect 20 house beers on tap and 2 casks pouring, including special infusions of some of our regular offerings!
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