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Port Barrel Dire Wolf Bottle Release Party

Winter is coming, and so are the Dire Wolves...Port Barrel Dire Wolf, perhaps one of our rarest barrel-aged stouts, is soon to creep out of hiding as the featured beer of our Winter Bottle Release! Port Barrel Dire Wolf exudes bold flavors of fudge and french oak, along with notes of vanilla, caramel, berry and bing cherry. It's dry and smooth, with a nice warming finish from the port wine. Sweet without tasting like dessert, very refined and mellow. Sure to be a delicious treat to get you through the remainder of winter (or aged to enjoy at a later time!).

Joining Port Barrel Dire Wolf will be a pack of exclusive variants and a few other exciting barrel-aged brews. Please read below for the full list of bottles (pricing/counts/limits), as well as further details about the release party logistics. Draft list will be announced closer to the release day.


⇼Port Barrel Dire Wolf, 10.4% ($23/approx. 450 bottles/limit 3pp)

⇼Port Barrel Canis Mexicanus ($25/150 bottles/limit 1pp)

⇼Vanilla Port Barrel Dire Wolf ($25/125 bottles/limit 1pp)

⇼Cinnamon & Orange Peel Port Barrel Dire Wolf ($25, 125 bottles, limit 1pp)

⇼Lil' Nippert BBA Barleywine, 12.4% ($18/approx. 350 bottles/ limit 3pp)

⇼Coffee Pecan Lil' Nippert, $20, approx. 200 bottles, limit 2

⇼Blanton’s Bourbon Barrel Lil' Nippert ($22/approx. 100 bottles/ limit 1pp)

⇼Cherry Red Legacy Barrel Aged Flanders, 8.4% ($20, approx. 50 cases/limit 6)



1 Kolsch

2 Tilt Back Red Lager

3 Joy Ride Pale Ale

4 Resilience IPA

5 Cinnamon Toast Brunch

6 Pack IPA

7 Blood Moon Imp. Red

8 Victory Lap Honey Pale Ale

9 Four Fifty One Line (Rum Barrel Coffee Dire Wolf)

10 Dire Wolf 2015

11 Magellan Imp. Stout

12 The Shape of Things to Come (Cherry & Blackberry Barrel Aged Sour)

13 Red Legacy Red Sour

14 Tart Cherry Red Legacy

15 Lil' Nippert Barleywine

16 Coffee Pecan Lil' Nippert

17 Port Barrel Dire Wolf

18 Vanilla Port Barrel Dire Wolf

19 Cinnamon Orange Port Barrel Dire Wolf

20 Port Barrel Canis Mexicanus

21 DDH Resilience IPA with Clementines (firkin)

22 Cascara Tart Cherry Red Legacy (pin cask)


1 Resilience IPA

2 All the Breakfast 2017

3 Gold Standard Helles Lager

4 Hammer Toss Dunkle Lager

5 Daybreak

6 Bourbon Barrel Coffee Vanilla Dire Wolf

7 L'Abondance Saison

8 Sustinator Doppelbock

9 Night Method

10 Dire Wolf 2016

11 Dire Wolf 2018

12 Temple Ridge Triple

13 Salted Canis Mexicanus

14 Litany Against Fear Smoke Sour

15 Brandy Barrel Wolfmann

16 Terre du Sauvage Blue (Barrel-aged Sour with Citrus)

17 Wolf Moon White IPA

18 Apple Brandy Dire Wolf

19 Blanton's Lil' Nippert Barleywine

20 Port Barrel Dire Wolf

21 DDH Pack IPA with Red Tea (pin cask)

22 Dire Wolf Nibbler (pin cask)


1 Daybreak

2 Altbier

3 Onsetter American Stout

4 Blood Moon Imp. Red

5 Pack Evolution IPA

6 Terre du Sauvage Gold (Barrel Aged Sour)

7 Snow Cone Pale Ale

8 Resilience IPA

9 Driftwood

10 Clear Sky

11 Hefeweizen

12 Modern Lager


Early Bird Party:

We will be hosting an Early Bird Party the morning of the release, 10am-12pm in the Taproom. There will be a total of 50 tickets available via Eventbrite on Friday 1/18 (page up soon), $40 per tix. The ticket includes a premium flight of 5 beers, a breakfast sandwich and fries, One Line coffee, and guaranteed access to a full allotment from the bottle sale. No lining up outside, no wait. Early bird attendees will purchase their bottles before 12pm, but are welcome to continue hanging out and sampling beer once the public party kicks off.

General Public:

Please form a line on Hickory Alley to the left (east side) of the Taproom garage door. Doors open at 12:00 pm to the public, and we will have both the Hickory Room and Taproom bars open for drafts (food can be ordered in the TR). Each guest will be handed a numbered ticket upon entering, which dictates their place in line for the public bottles sale (kicks off at 12:30pm with #'s 1-20). The bottle sale will take place at the top of the brewery ramp in the Taproom, and announcements will be made in both the Taproom and Hickory Room when each new group is eligible to purchase their bottles. Please note that due to the limited quantities of certain bottles, we entirely expect to sell out of some before the end of the party. With this in mind, the earlier you line up, the better shot you have at snagging variants like Port Barrel Canis, Cinnamon & Orange Peel, Vanilla, and Blanton's BB Lil' Nippert.

Stay tuned as we finalize details like the draft list, which is expected to be 40+ beers between the Hickory Room and Taproom!

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