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5 Year Anniversary Party!

5 years ago on September 27th, 2013, we opened our doors for business. The ensuing years have seen unimaginable growth within the walls of our building. From the addition of the taproom in early 2015 and a full kitchen later that year, to a brewhouse expansion that included new 45 & 15 barrel tanks and a full barrel-aging sour program. By mid August we will have expanded one step further, completing renovation on a new dedicated events space, the Hickory Room. 

Please join us in celebrating 5 years of craft in the Columbus community all day on September 29th! You can expect an amazing blow out party hosted in both the Taproom and Hickory Room events space with great beer and food. We will have 75 draft beers available throughout the entire WRB building that day, our largest draft lists to date! We will also have a total of 10 specialty bottles available for public sale (ticketed based on line formed outside the door):

-Bourbon Barrel Salted Chocolate Dire Wolf - $20/50 cases/limit 4 pp
-Dire Wolf Coffee Joy - $12.99/70 cases/limit 6 pp
-Brandy Barrel Wolfmann (BA Imperial Wheat stout) -$18/33 cases/limit 3 pp
-Rye Barrel DEFCON (BA Barleywine) - $16/25 cases/limit 3 pp
-Hazelnut Brandy Barrel Wolfmann -$18/30 cases/limit 3 pp
-Vanilla Rye Barrel DEFCON Red - $18/30 cases/limit 3 pp
-Coconut Cream Pie Clear Sky (Vanilla and Coconut 
Cream Ale) -$6.99/80 cases/limit 12 pp
-Terre du Sauvage Gold (Barrel-aged Farmhouse Sour) - $12.99/45 cases/limit 4 pp
-Westward Expansion (Marsala Wine Puncheon 
Golden Sour) - $20/20 cases/limit 2 pp
-Gold Legacy (Barrel-aged Golden Sour) - $12.99/17 cases/limit 2 pp

General Logistics:

Hickory Room: 10am-5pm
Taproom: 10am-12am


We will form a line on E Hickory near the taproom garage door, where public entrance will be for the party. Doors will open at 10 am and guests will be handed a numbered ticket upon entry (dictates your spot in the bottle sale line). Both the Hickory Room events space and Taproom will be open at that time, so guests can filter and grab beers in whichever room they'd like once receiving their tickets!

-The Bottle Sale-

We will begin selling bottles at 10:30 in our grain room (located in the hallway between the Taproom and Hickory Room). We will call groups of 20 at a time every 20 minutes in accordance to the time indicated on the numbered tickets handed out upon entering the building. So, numbers 1-20 will be called to the bottle sale room at 10:30, numbers 21-41 at 10:50, numbers 42-62 at 11:10 etc...Pay attention to the time on your ticket and listen to announcements over our speakers as we call out each group.

75-beer draft list (check back later for final details on draft lists for each room/timed tappings):
• Clear Sky
• Clear Sky Daybreak
• Clear Sky Coconut Cream Pie
• Clear Sky Cinnamon Toast Brunch
• Clear Sky S'mores
• Clear Sky Creamsicle
• Clear Sky Golden Grahams Daybreak
• Granola Ridge
• Ridge Trail
• Driftwood
• Driftwood Hop Smoothie
• Earthrise
• New Moon
• Coffee New Moon
• Howling Moon
• High Banks
• Take Flight Ales for ALS IPA
• Cone & Bine Wet Hopped Pale Ale
• Parti-gyle Porter
• PB&J Part-gyle Porter
• L'Abondance
• Cerise & Citron Cherry Lemon Saison
• Beyond Measure
• Tafelbier
• Kolsch
• Pomegranate Lavender Kolsch
• Oktoberfest
• Buchenrauch
• Altbier
• Night Method
• Pi Imperial Pumpkin Ale
• All the Breakfast (2017)
• Tart Cherry Gose
• Green Tea Tart Cherry Gose
• Vanilla Tart Cherry Gose
• Cherry Lime Gose
• Gold Legacy Blend w/ Cherry Gose
• Litany Against Fear
• Swimming in the Mangrove
• Red Legacy
• Gold Legacy
• Terre du Sauvage Gold B#1 (2017)
• Terre du Sauvage Gold
• Terre du Sauvage Green
• Red Green Passion (Cherry & Passionfruit TDS Green)
• Terre du Sauvage Blue
• Westward Expansion
• Dire Wolf
• Dire Wolf 2015
• Dire Wolf 2016
• Coffee Vanilla Dire Wolf
• Canis Mexicanus
• Canis Mexicanus Double Espresso
• Dire Wolf Coffee Joy
• Bourbon Barrel Salted Chocolate Dire Wolf
• Bourbon Barrel Salted Coconut Truffle Dire Wolf
• BB Salty Childhood (Peanut & Raspberry Stout)
• Bourbon Barrel Coffee Vanilla Dire Wolf (2016)
• Bourbon Barrel Dire Wolf (2017)
• Apple Brandy Barrel Dire Wolf
• Wolfmann
• Brandy Barrel Wolfmann
• Hazelnut Brandy Barrel Wolfmann
• Coffee Hazelnut Brandy Barrel Wolfmann
• Rye Barrel DEFCON Red 
• Vanilla Rye Barrel DEFCON Red
• Temple Ridge BB Tripel
• Lil' Nippert Barleywine 
• Black Pepper Cherry Gose (Cask - Pin)
• That's No Moon (Coconut Night Method) (Cask - Pin)
• Coconut Mango Earthrise (Cask - Pin)
• Mango Clear Sky (Cask - Firkin)
• Double Dry Hopped Cone & Bine (Cask - Firkin)
• Coffee Cherry Gose (Cask - Firkin)



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