Sensory Analysis Class 12/30/17

Sensory Analysis Class 12/30/17


 + tax ($30.00/per person)

Our head of quality control is now making our employee education classes at WRB open to the public!  All beer lovers and aficionados looking to expand their knowledge will receive first hand tutelage on analyzing aromas, flavors and overall experience of beers with acceptable and unacceptable qualities.

From 10:00 am to 12:00 pm on December 30th,  this class will present an examination of what happens when an unwanted off-flavor creeps in to the beer we love.  Ever tried a beer that tasted buttery?  How about papery or vinegary? These flavors and many more, can overtake beer in an unsavory way (either before, during, or after the brew process).  Students will be introduced to three specific off-flavors in this class:  Acetic Acid, Metallic and Lightstruck.  Along with a scientific look at how these flavors infect beer, WRB will also provide samples of purposefully spiked beer to train students on identifying their aromas and flavors.

Questions and discussion will be encouraged, and all guests will get a complimentary pint of beer at the end of class when it concludes at 12:00 pm.

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