One Line Coffee & WRB Beer Pairing

One Line Coffee & WRB Beer Pairing


$32.56/person + tax

10:00 am - 12:00 pm, May 7th


We're collaborating with our longtime friends at One Line for a special coffee, beer and food pairing event.  Guests will enjoy 5 different "courses", each featuring a different WRB brew that's been infused with whole coffee beans, a sample pour of that same coffee, and a small bite from our kitchen.  

Member's from the One Line team and our head brewer will be on site to walk through each pairing, detailing why roasts were selected to be infused with each beer.  Rather than infuse darker beers like our imperial stout with coffee, this event will feature 5 lighter beers infused with 5 lighter roast coffees.

At the end of the event, all guests will be sent home with a sample 6-pack including bottles of each of the 5 infusions and our best-seller, Clear Sky Daybreak!

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