German Beer Dinner 9/9

German Beer Dinner 9/9


Tickets: $60 + tax per person.

Both our kitchen and brewery teams hold a high respect for tradition, which gives way to their frequent desire to pay homage and emulate classic food and beer styles. From this desire, we are proud to present our first ever German Beer Dinner! Our chefs and brewers have collaborated on a special, 5-course pairing menu that pays tribute to German cuisine and brews.

We are also excited to have this be the first beer pairing dinner offered in our new Hickory Room events space (accessible on N. 4th street adjacent to the Dining Room entrance)! The event starts at 5pm with welcome beers, moving into the first course at 5:15. We will have a sous chef and a brewer leading guests through each course, discussing pairing notes and inspiration.

Check out the full menu below!

First course:

  • Gurkensalat + Oktoberfest

Second Course:

  • Mettbrotchen + Altbier

Third Course:

  • Eingelegter Herring + Litany Against Fear (Lichtenhainer smoked sour)

Fourth Course:

  • Bratwurst + Buchenrauch (rauchbier)

Fifth Course

  • Rote grutze + Kolsch Radler

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