NYE in the dining room

Our 4 course, prix fixe dinner menu provides guests the flexibility to select between 2 dishes for each course. We also have a full vegetarian menu offered for the evening. Browse the menu below, or make your reservation now.

Course 1

Curried Coconut Carrot – pickled apple, spiced cashew, sour cream


Kale – Marcona almonds, dried cherries, shaved goat cheddar, shave shallots, black pepper vinaigrette


Course 2

Sea Scallops  - onion soubise, coffee bacon, egg yolk jam, fingerling potato, fried bread, pearls onions, paprika emulsification


 Steak and Eggs – Beef tartare, habanero mustard, banana ketchup, smoked egg yolk jam, crostini, micro greens


Course 3

 Duck breast – Fava beans, toasted cashews, pea tendrils, sour cherry gastrique, parsnip and cashew puree


 Cod – pan seared, romesco sauce, smoked sour cream, confit fingerlings, micro greens


Course 4

 WRB Candy Bar – fudge bar, popcorn ice cream, caramel cremeux, pearls, corn flake crumble, sweet corn anglaise


 Maple Panna Cotta – candied pecans, candied brioche coins, bourbon-apple compote, green apple sorbet, caramel pearls