Megan Denti

megan denti

what is your favorite wrb beer?
what is your favorite band?  
-thats a hard question- crosby stills & nash is a favorite
what is your favorite movie?  
-diving bell & the butterfly
what do you do outside of work for fun?  
-play music, cook,hike, & do yoga
What is the last live show you've seen?  
-open mic at treeebar
do you know any other languages?  
-french & a little bit of wolof
Coolest place you've ever visited? 
-probably the middle of nowhere in the nevada desert
if you could have lunch with anyone (living or dead)
who would it be?  

-joni mitchell or mary oliver
what are your top three beers?
-modelo, jackie o's razzwheat, wolfsridge sustinator
what is your favorite lawn game?