LC raffle details

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Monthly raffles


Every month we will hold a special raffle, selecting 5 loyalty club members at random to receive a prize. These prizes will rotate every month, including discounted growler fees, meals, merchandise and bottled beer.  When winner's are selected, they will receive and email to confirm what the prize is that month, as well as the designated times they can stop in the tap room to receive said prize.  The names of the 5 winners will be removed from the raffle pool for the following month, which will give all remaining member's a better chance to win the raffle each month!  Overall, over half of all members will win a monthly raffle prize during the 2017-2018 club year.


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Early Bird Ticket raffle

For those unaware, WRB began offering a special early bird party for a select number of guests before our large barrel-aged bottle releases in 2016.  Guests who purchase tickets to the early bird parties get the benefit of access to the tap room before the general public, a flight of 5 beers from the special draft list, a free 12 oz bottle of a mystery infusion beer, and a breakfast sandwich prepared by our kitchen.  The biggest perk of all is the guaranteed ability to purchase limited bottles for sale before the general public.  To include our loyalty club, we will allot 4 tickets for each early bird party for members.  2 member's names will be drawn at random before tickets go on sale to the public. These 2 members will have the opportunity to buy up to 2 tickets each for 50% off the original price (which was $50 for the last early bird party).