Jon Hickman

jon hickman

what is your favorite wrb beer?
what is your favorite band?  
what is your favorite movie?  
-LORD OF THE RINGS(1ST fellowship) & hannibal lecter
what do you do outside of work for fun?  
-drink beers, bike & outdoors
What is the last live show you've seen?  
-hoo doo doul band @ rumba cafe
do you know any other languages?  
-no, unless you include ebonics
Coolest place you've ever visited? 
-highest point of highest road in north america, mount evans
if you could have lunch with anyone (living or dead)
who would it be?  

-hannibal lecter
what are your top three beers?
-rhinegeist truth, cantillon sours, & cobra 40s
what is your favorite lawn game?  
-trampolines! burnin' stuff.