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Wolf's Ridge will be celebrating our 4 year anniversary with a blow out party and large bottle release featuring several barrel-aged beers! The party will be so large that we can’t just host it in the tap room….To make space for everyone, we will be opening up our adjacent side room with drafts, communal tables and high tops. The public bottle sale will also be taking place in the other side, rather than the tap room.

Special Bottles Available (more may be announced closer to the release):

-All The Breakfast - 1500 (limit 1 case): 
$14.99/22 oz
Canis Mexicanus Double Espresso - 1000 (limit 6):
Bourbon Barrel Coffee Joy - 550 (limit 3): 
$20/22 oz
Bourbon Barrel Yub - 500 (limit 3): 
$20/22 oz
Bourbon Barrel Pi - 400 (limit 4):
$8/12 oz, or $30/4pack
Bourbon Barrel Dave Doesn't Know - 700 (limit 6):
$9/12 oz, or $34/4pack
Terre du Sauvage Blue - 800 (limit 6)

There will be a record number of 45 draft beers spread between theother side and the tap room throughout day, with the option to easily move about both spaces by walking through our downstairs brewery. Our tap room kitchen will be preparing a special food menu for the day, opening for public service at 11:00 am.

Public bottle sale: The doors to the other side (accessed through the same N. 4th street entrance as the restaurant) will open at 10:00 AM for drafts, with the bottle sale beginning at 11:00 AM. As always, the sale will be first come, first serve. The earlier you arrive, the sooner you can anticipate your ability to purchase bottles. If you arrive at 11:00 AM or later, please expect the likelihood that your access to bottles won’t begin until around 1:00 pm or later (as there are guests who begin lining up outside earlier in the morning). We try our hardest to sell bottles as quickly and efficiently as possible, but understand that these large releases with barrel aged specialty beer usually have people lining up 1-2 hours before doors open! 

Upon entering the other side, you will receive a numbered ticket with a time stamp on it, which is when you can anticipate your ability to buy bottles. We will sell bottles to groups of 20 guests every 20 minutes. So, tickets 1-20 at 11:00 am, 21-41 at 11:20, 42-62 at 11:40 etc...Please find a staff member if you have any questions regarding this during the party. Announcements will be made when each time stamp/group of 20 may purchase bottles. While you wait for you group’s turn, feel free to check out the tap room, eat some grub, wander around the brewery and sample from our largest draft list to date!

For up to date information and announcements, please check out our Facebook event page!

Earlier Event: September 30
Early Bird Party 9/30
Later Event: October 12
Tap Room Closed Thursday, 10/12