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Special Dire Wolf and Howling Moon Bottle release

Wolf's Ridge is proud to announce our next bottle release! On Saturday, July 30th we  are hosting a special release that will feature our Coffee Vanilla infused Dire Wolf (Russian Imperial Stout) and Coconut infused Howling Moon (Imperial IPA).  Additional bottles for regular sale include 6-packs of Clear Sky, Clear Sky Daybreak and Driftwood, as well as 4-packs of regular Howling Moon.  Also special for this bottle release is live music featuring KrisB's Midnight Railroad from 12:00 to 4:00, and a live meet and greet with a wolf brought to us by local conservation group Ironwood Wolves from 11:00 to 1:00!


Dire wolf- Coffee Vanilla

Russian Imperial stout

10.4% abv, $12 22oz

Our coffee-infused Dire Wolf variants have been some of the most popular beers ever served at Wolf's Ridge, and Coffee Vanilla Dire Wolf might be the best yet. The addition of vanilla bean helps to smooth out the entire beer and add a lovely layer of perceived sweetness that truly pulls our stout into dessert territory. We marry the vanilla with a blend of One Line Coffee's Method Espresso and a rotating light roast coffee bean to offer a purely decadent drinking experience.

Howling Moon- Coconut

Imperial IPA

10% abv, $9 22oz

Our Howling Moon is bursting with bright tropical and citrus hop aroma with a resinous, bitter hop bite. The addition of toasted coconut is the perfect compliment to our fruity Imperial IPA. The coconut provides depth of flavor and smooths over the the bitterness to allow the sweet tropical notes to shine. Drink fresh because coconut and hop character diminish quickly!

Our full draft list for the release, including specialty infusions:

  • Clear Sky; Cream Ale
  • Creamsickle; Vanilla and Orange Cream Ale
  • Daybreak; Coffee and Vanilla Cream Ale
  • Driftwood; Session IPA
  • Citrus Surf; Grapefruit Session IPA
  • Golden Boy; Lychee IPA
  • Earthrise; IPA
  • Howling Moon; Imperial IPA
  • Coconut Howling Moon
  • African Moon; Infused Imperial IPA
  • Smoked Helles Lager
  • Beyond Measure; Witbier
  • L'Abondance; Saison
  • Dire Wolf; Imperial Stout
  • Dire Wolf Yub Nub; Coffee Cinnamon Imperial Stout
  • Coffee Vanilla Dire Wolf
  • Chris' Wheelhouse; coffee Baltic Porter
  • Watchtower Tea Time; Earl Grey ESB
  • Night Method; Espresso Milk Stout
  • Cask: Coconut Passionfruit Howling Moon
  • Cask: Clear Sky w/ Starfruit, Kiwi, & Blackberry
  • Cask: Coconut Cream Pie

Logistically, expect the following:

Line starts at the taproom door and goes along the building up Hickory Street. Doors open at 10:00. Each person will be handed a number which reserves your spot in line for the bottle purchase.

If you arrive after 10:00 please see a WRB employee to inquire about getting a number.
Snacks, coffee, etc will be available. Please be sure you are present in the Tap Room when your number is called if you go into the restaurant to eat food. We will not wait.

Please form a line to the bar to place orders for beer. This works very efficiently for our releases. Please bear with our taproom staff as filling many beer flights can take some time.

The bottle sale will begin around 11:00AM. No bottles will be sold before this time. We ask this so that everyone can get in the door and have beer in hand to enjoy themselves while they wait. If you cannot wait until your number is called please do not take one and just enjoy the amazing draft list!

Numbers will be called in rounds of 10 at a time to keep the actual line small and manageable.

You're welcome to hang out all afternoon. Be aware that if you want brunch the restaurant kitchen closes as 3:00PM to begin preparing for dinner service. Dinner begins at 5:00.