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Barrel-aged bottle release party

Save the date for 1/28/2017! Our next bottle release party will feature several beers that have been patiently aging in various styles of barrels, as well as other brews you know and love. Please continue reading below for the bottle sale list, as well as our 40-beer draft list that will be divided between our tap room and the large adjacent room that's part of the WRB building, which we have dubbed "The Other Side".

"The Other Side" can be accessed through our same front entrance to the restaurant on N. 4th Street. This room will open to the general public at 9:00 AM, and will be where the bottle sale takes place. Guests arriving before 9:00 AM looking to get early spots in line for the bottle sale (which will be first come first serve), may begin lining up on the sidewalk outside of the front N. 4th street door. As we anticipate some of the more limited bottles to run out, the earlier guests arrive and line up, the more likely they will be to purchase these beers. Once we open the doors at 9:00 AM, guests will receive a numbered ticket directly inside. This ticket will indicate the order in which bottles can be claimed. The bottle sale will begin at 11:00 AM with numbers 1-20 being called to purchase beer. Announcements will be made via megaphone, as well as on a projector screen that will be displayed by the sales table. We anticipate our ability to move through the sale quickly at approximately 20 guests every 30 minutes, so each numbered ticket will have a suggested time frame for guests to expect their number group being called (1-20 @ 11:00, 21-40 @ 11:30, 41-60 @ 12:00 etc…). Guests waiting to purchase their bottles will be able to enjoy 10 different specialty WRB draft and cask beers, which will be on sale as soon as the doors open at 9:00. Tables and seating will be available for those looking to kick back and listen to some music while drinking a brew. The other side will officially close with a last call at 4:00 PM, so make sure to try these beers while you can! Don’t worry, though, our taproom has both the beer and the food to keep the party going all night...


*The Taproom:

The Taproom will be open to the public at 11:00 AM for a party to celebrate it’s 2-year anniversary! Over 20 different drafts will be on tap including various infusions and barrel-aged beers, and the kitchen will be open for anyone looking to enjoy lunch. Please remember that the bottle sale is only taking place on “the other side”, so we recommend guests heading over to the taproom from that space do so once they’ve had the chance to purchase their bottles, or be aware of the current numbers collecting bottles so they don’t miss their group being called. We will have 40 different beers spread out between “The other side” and the taproom over the course of the day, so be sure to check out both spaces and find your favorite WRB beer!


*Early bird tickets:

As we did for our last bottle release, we will be offering early bird bottle sale tickets for 75 guests looking to skip the line and be guaranteed a full allotment! Guests who purchase this ticket will have early access to the tap room space at 9:00 AM and be able to purchase their bottles there prior to it opening to the general public at 11:00 AM. More details about these tickets can be found at it’s information page on both our website and facebook event pages ( ). They will go on sale at 12:00 PM on Friday January 6th via Eventbrite, so be ready!


*Finally, the most important part-beer!:



In the Taproom (doors open at 11:00 to general public):

Clear Sky – Cream Ale

Clear Sky Lemon Meringue

Clear Sky Loops

Clear Sky Daybreak


Snow Cone – Whole Cone Mosaic Pale Ale

Howling Moon - DIPA

Earthrise East – Asian IPA

L’Abondance - Saison

Sustinator - Doppelbock

Parti-gyle Porter (Dire Wolf 2nd runnings)

Dire Wolf (2017)

Dire Wolf Batch #1 (2014)

Dire Wolf One Line

Dire Wolf Rum Line

Sherry Barrel Dire Wolf

Port Barrel Dire Wolf

Canis Mexicanus

Gold Legacy – Golden Wild Ale

Clear Sky Creamsicle (Nitro)


"The other side" (doors open at 9:00 to general public):

Clear Sky Cinnamon Toast Brunch

Driftwood – Session IPA

Earthrise - IPA

Florida Moon - Citrus DIPA

I ♥ U, U ♥ Me (Happy Family IPA)

Bourbon Barrel Dire Wolf

(Cask) Dire Wolf Nibbler

(Cask) Vanilla Cacao Sustinator

(Cask) Lemon Rhubarb Hefeweizen

(Cask) Double Dry Hopped Snow Cone


Additional Tappings-timing will vary (Tap room)

Bourbon Barrel Dire Wolf One Line

Coconut Howling Moon

Clear Sky Coconut Cream Pie

Rum Line with Cacao Nibs and Vanilla

Gin Barrel Gold Legacy

Sherry Barrel Dire Wolf with Vanilla Bean


Additional Tappings-timing will vary ("the other side")

Bourbon Barrel Yub Nub

Bourbon Barrel Coffee Joy

Clear Sky Key Lime Pie

Bourbon Barrel Coffee Vanilla Dire Wolf


Bottles for Sale-


From our Exotic Origins series:

Dire Wolf Rum Line (22oz) - *5 bottle limit (20 per bottle)

-Rum barrel aged Dire Wolf with One Line Espresso beans added.-


Sherry Barrel Dire Wolf (22oz) - *3 bottle limit (22 per bottle)

-Dire Wolf aged in a French oak Sherry puncheon.-


Port Barrel Dire Wolf (22oz) - *1 bottle limit (23 per bottle)

-Dire Wolf aged in a California Port wine barrel.-


From our Bourbon Barrel Aged Series:

Bourbon Barrel Dire Wolf - *5 bottle limit (18 per bottle)


Regular Series:

Dire Wolf (4-packs) - *limit of 4 total 4-packs (12.99 per pack)

Cinnamon Toast Brunch (22oz) - *4 bottle limit (7 per bottle)

Sustinator Doppelbock (500 ml)- No limit (6 per bottle)


Stay tuned for more details to come beer lovers!







Earlier Event: January 26
Tap Room Closed 1/26!
Later Event: January 28
Early Bird Bottle Sale *Sold out