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Tap Room anniversary with special bottle release

For over 8 months we've been aging our Gold Medal award winning Dire Wolf in a few different barrels and they're finally at their best!

In addition to releasing our barreled aged beers, we'll be celebrating the 1st anniversary of the Tap Room and the release of Clear Sky & Driftwood in 12 oz. bottles! 

Join us on Saturday, January 23 for our next bottle release party featuring:

Live music from Jenny Flory beginning at 1:00p and from Donna Mogavero Music beginning at 4:00p.

  • Bourbon Barrel Imperial Stout ($16/btl)

    • We took our gold medal winning Dire Wolf Imperial Stout and aged it for 8 months in Watershed Bourbon barrels. The beer is brimming with deep malty character: chocolate, roast, espresso, and caramel. The barrel then layered rich notes of vanilla, oak, and a hint of warming sweetness over the beer. It's the perfect example of our local partnerships paying off with flavorful dividends.
  • Rum Barrel Imperial Stout ($18/btl)

    • We took our gold medal winning Dire Wolf Imperial Stout and aged it for 8 months in Caribbean Rum barrels. The beer is brimming with deep malty character: chocolate, roast, espresso, and caramel. The barrel then imparted lovely notes of vanilla and coconut to the beer. The end result will give you a soft spot for pirates if you didn't have one already!
  • Rum Line ($20/btl)

    • Rum Line is the cross between Dire Wolf One Line and Rum Barrel Dire Wolf. Early on in our experiments with coffee in barrel aged beer we discovered that One Line's excellent coffee pairs particularly well with rum. The beer before you is our gold medal winning Imperial Stout aged for 8 months in Caribbean Rum barrels. We then added a blend of One Line coffee beans to create the deep dark beauty before you.
  • Bourbon Barrel Canis Mexicanus ($20/btl)

    • After 8 months in Watershed Bourbon barrels, the Mexican Wolf is reborn. The time spent in the barrel lent wonderful notes of caramel, vanilla, and oak to an already intense brew. Canis Mexicanus is then aged on One Line coffee beans, cinnamon, a blend of chilis, cacao nibs, and vanilla bean. The resulting brew is spicy yet nuanced. We think the barrel aged version is the most complex yet.

Bottle limits: Two bottles of each variant per person. Possible second round of sales. 

1. Clear Sky
2. Clear Sky Lime
3. Clear Sky Creamsicle
4. Clear Sky Daybreak
5. Cinnamon Toast Brunch
6. Driftwood
7. Driftwood Citrus Surf
8. Howling Moon
9. Wolf Moon (new White IPA)
10. Twelfth Night
11. Dire Wolf
12. Bourbon Barrel Dire Wolf
13. Rum Barrel Dire Wolf
14. Dire Wolf One Line
15. Dire Wolf Rum Line
16. Bourbon Barrel Canis Mexicanus
17. Dire Wolf Minty
18. Beyond Measure - Brett Trois
19. Watchtower
20. BAMF! (N2 the Night with BooBerry cereal)
CASK: Dire Wolf Raspberry Vanilla
CASK: Wolf Moon with Coriander and Orange Peel

Logistically, expect the following:

Line starts at the taproom door and goes along the building up Hickory Street.

Due to the potential for inclement weather, we will have prepared an indoor waiting area for guests to mingle and enjoy complimentary coffee and small beer samples while we prepare the Tap Room. Guests may begin to line-up as early as they'd like and we will plan to have this area ready by 9am. Tickets will be given to guests BEFORE entering this space so that no one loses their place in line. 

If you arrive after 10:00 please see a WRB employee to inquire about getting a number.
Snacks, coffee, etc will be available. Please be sure you are present in the Tap Room when your number is called if you go into the restaurant to eat food. We will not wait.

Please form a line to the bar to place orders for beer. This worked very efficiently for our releases. Please bear with our taproom staff as filling many beer flights can take some time.

The bottle sale will begin around 10:30AM. No bottles will be sold before this time. We ask this so that everyone can get in the door, out of the weather and have beer in hand to enjoy themselves while they wait. If you cannot wait until your number is called please do not take one and just enjoy the amazing draft list!
Numbers will be called in rounds of 10 at a time to keep the actual line small and manageable.
We will have live music starting at 1:00p and will go until 7:00p. You're welcome to hang out all afternoon. Be aware that if you want brunch the restaurant kitchen closes as 3:00PM to begin preparing for dinner service. Dinner begins at 5:00.
Our draft list will be posted on our Facebook event page as we near the release, but expect 20 house beers on tap and 2 casks pouring, including special infusions of some of our regular offerings!

Later Event: February 21
Sunday Sessions in the Tap Room