Alan Szuter

Alan szuter

what is your favorite wrb beer?
-haha, which one of my children do i love the most? I have lots of favorites-
driftwood, earthrise, direwolf, Buchenrauch & sustinator too
what is your favorite band?  
-Seriously just one? Rolling stones, buddy guy, allman brothers, lumineers,
stevie ray vaughn, zz top, led zeppelin, the who, nathanial rateliff and the nightsweats,
grateful dead, cream & anything eric clapton
what is your favorite movie?  
-don't have one- waiting for a really good one
what do you do outside of work for fun?  
-anything outddoors: sailing, biking, hiking & motorcycling
What is the last live show you've seen?  
-the trucks tedeschi band, freaking awesome show!
do you know any other languages?  
-Used to know some german-but now it's all gone
Coolest place you've ever visited? 
-lima, peru- got really sick there though, it was either the
ceviche or the water
if you could have lunch with anyone (living or dead)
who would it be?  

-jesus-i can't imagine what the real jesus would be like compared to what we've made him
what are your top three beers?
-haven't had them yet- direwolf cacao might be #1
what is your favorite lawn game?  
-softball- not the organized team on a diamond, but the one you play with not enough people,
some of whom may be family & some who may have had too many beers- one bat not enough gloves-
you know the game